Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Where do women go wrong?

Dear lovely ladies,

Yes, we are a lovely creation of the Lord. But the way go about living our lives, even God would wonder why he created us in such a way. I completely agree with the feminists, It is high time women be given their due, respect and equality. But I would like to wonder whether a few of us, (by all means, I am not stereotyping women) are really worth it.

Why do we give men a chance to stereotype us as a "woman", time and again?

"Is she bad at handling the steering wheel". Yea, what can you expect, she is a woman.

"Is she always this dramatic?". Yea, what can you expect , she is  a woman.

I recently came across some of these atrocious remarks and took offense very badly that I wanted to sue those people and add a few zeros to my bank balance. But life doesn't work that way. So I resolved to dig deeper and find out why women are branded this way by men. I went to a library, took a few hundred books on Understanding Men and Women, came home, locked myself in my room, wore my spectacles and switched on my reading lamp. I read on and on for 2 days and the answer was pretty obvious, and all this time I was completely oblivious about it.

It is extremely difficult to put in words the entire details of my research. So I'll highlight a few pointers that showed me the light, in that dark room.

Thesis Title : Where do women go wrong?

Observation #1.

Mobile Phone is an instrument that is used to send/receive calls/messages and missed calls. While it is normally used for the above mentioned purposes, some women like to use it as a doll. They buy fluffy pink pouches, add a key chain, cover the little available space on the ridges with smileys, angry birds (what logic, one pic smiling , one pic frowning, side by side?) and god knows what not. They use it for Fruit Ninja and sometimes Angry birds. Some mothers can't have enough of their children wailing at home, that they record it in their mobile phones and set it as their ringtone. On a survey that was conducted, 87 women participated. They were asked random questions about their mobile and they confessed to having given more priority to the colour of the phone rather than its features or even cost. One participant, who wishes to remain anonymous said that "I was gifted this phone for my birthday, all I wanted to do when I got the phone was to get it go to Dora Bag Mall and get it a new pouch". After questioning a few more participants, I had to make sure I was talking to them about a mobile phone and not a barbie doll.

Observation #2.

Perception differs, even for twins.People seemed to have taken the phrase"Let your hair down" seriously in the literal and figurative sense.Let us first deal with the literal sense. A lot of women seem to think that it is fashionable to roam around with the hair left untied. Yes, that would look lovely on many women, but the tricky part is finding out whether a woman is eligible enough to fall in that category. Specially, when the place is windy, women would think they of themselves as these yesteryear heroines. In reality one paavam fellow is praying to God asking him to get that oil smelling strands of hair from his face.

Coming to the figurative sense, a few women seem to think that it is wise to giggle in public, laugh in the most annoying way at something that might not even be remotely funny. Studies have also shown that a few women are not embarrassed to fuss over in public places like malls and theater just to get things done their way. Acting all girly has become a trend and in our survey we found out that most of the teenage girls are the ones who come under this category. A few of them change after a few year. A few simply refuse to change.

Ok. Beyond this, I cannot continue to describe my observations, as they are pretty much the same or similar to the pointers stated above. Moreover I am awaiting the reaction of those who read my research before publishing my entire work here and being rejected even before I wind up writing my thesis. If you are still interested in reading the remaining part of the thesis, please contact me at thewhimsicalblogger@gmail.com

So, my dear lovely women, to those of you who fall under the category of  "a few women" mentioned here, now you know what to do. And to those who do not fall under the category, tell the former about this and be a part of the change. The change where women wouldn't have be to stereotyped for such mundane activities.

Observation #3.

Sense of humor. Most women have a wonderful sense of humor and take things in the right spirit. A few of them are known to take offense for anything and everything under the Sun. 

So if you are a woman who is reading this, you know for sure you do not fall under the category of " a few women" mentioned here. So Enjoy being who you are. Till then enjoy reading and laughing and spreading the word.